Thursday, November 29, 2012

November conference

It was a busy two days with the November Confernce, the Math Center's annual national math teach conference. The conference opened with a performance from Pirum, a student singing group. They dress in britches and suspenders, jackets and caps and personalized buttons and ties and other tilbehør. The sing fun songs with lots of acting bits during the singing. They are very funny and a joy to watch. Here's their website:

A highlight of the conference was the talk by Thomas Nordahl from the Center for Praksis Research at the University of Hedmark, especially the factors that have proven effect on learning and those that have no effect. You can find the presentation at Math Center's website. It's in Norwegian.

A great quote from his talk:
Ikke spør om du leder. Det gjør du. Ikke spør om du vil gjøre en forskjell. Det vil du. Spørsmålet er: Hvilken type leder vil du være og hvilke forskjell vil du gjøre?
 Don't ask if you lead. You do. Don't ask if you make a difference. You will. The question is: What kind of leader will you be and what difference will you make?
It was a terrific two days. I met a lot of old friends and made many new friends. There was a lot of work leading up to the conference, and it feels great that we've pulled it off.

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