Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

Fireworks as seen from festning ground
New Year's Eve is a big deal in Norway. A very big deal. Folks dress up in fine black clothing and head out to parties and children are excited to stay up to see one – and maybe two! – fireworks shows.

We went as a family (with dog) down to the festning at 7:00 pm for the children's fireworks show. They do an early show so that young kids can enjoy it without having to stay up for midnight. It's pretty amazing to stand just outside the fortress walls while the fireworks launch, huge and magnificient overhead!

We then came home, and having no party of our own to go to this year, played a family game of Settlers of Catan and then waited for midnight.

At about 11:45 folks began setting off their own fireworks. I love this part of the evening. We live on the side of cliff in this big bowl that forms the valley around downtown Trondheim and the fjord. We have a great view of the entire city, and so we can see fireworks everywhere – and tons of them! This year, the fireworks were in all direction except for over downtown. A couple of years ago it became illegal to set them off over sentrum because of the fire risk, but that didn't stop people from doing it last year. Perhaps there was a public awareness campaign this year (or very good enforcement last year that people got the point!) Regardless, the show was terrific.

Fireworks from our balcony
Then at midnight, another bigger show again from the fortress, but this time we watched from our balcony. The personal fireworks went on for some time afterwards.

The whole family loved it. Except for the dog. Poor Indy. He'll recover...

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