Saturday, December 22, 2012


Solstice was yesterday, but because of parties and weird schedules, we celebrated today instead. In Norwegian, solstice is 'solsnu', or 'sun turning', when the sun reverse direction begins climbing again.

 We went on our annual nature walk at noon, the sun unbelievably low in the sky. We collected small interesting things we found, brown sticks, red and white berries, green moss, and then brought them home for candles, cookies, and songs.

Afterwards, to the theater to see the Hobbit! (It was Maggie's third time seeing the film - she can't get enough!)
Noonday sun, December 22nd

Peter climbing a tree

Cookies! Norwegian tradition calls for 7 kinds of cookies during the holidays.

Off to see the Hobbit again – both Maggie and Anna dressed up!

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