Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Emergency water

Pam bought me a kerosene heater for Christmas. I wanted one in case we lost power. We don't have a fireplace or woodburning stove, and yes we can just go to our neighbor's house who have a woodburning stove, but I like to prepared.

I told a coworker that I like to be prepared with heat, food and water stored. "Water?!" she said. "This is Norway. If the water goes out, the kommune will deliver it to your house!"

I thought she was joking, but today I was visiting a friend and their neighborhood had lost water. I couldn't believe it, but on every corner in the neighborhood was a trailer of fresh water. A steady stream of folks walked down to fill flasks for drinking and pots for cooking and buckets to flush the toilets. That's a nice service!

I still think it's important to stockpile some things for a zombie apocolypse. When the zombies come, the last thing the kommune is going to be thinking about is delivering water!

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