Monday, February 11, 2013

Sumo birthday

We had quite a bit of racing around to do when we got back from the reindeer races. We had to pick up our dog from a friend who took care of him while we were away, and we had to get Anna to her birthday party.

Anna celebrated her birthday a week late at a joint birthday party with 2 other kids in her class. The whole class went to a place called Arena that hosts birthday parties. They have a room with black lights and lasers that they host a variety of games in. The standard party package is to select two events from their menu. They chose black light soccer (with a giant soccer ball) and sumo wrestling (in giant stuffed sumo costumes). It was very fun.

Not many kids give actual wrapped presents at parties. The tradition, at least in Trondheim, is to give money, usually 50 or 100 kroner. We still like to give actual presents, but I see the appeal of money – it is so much easier.

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