Friday, February 22, 2013

Vacation at "our" hytte

Off to Åfjord, to the same hytte we rented in the autumn. 4 days, no TV, not much to do except for "quality" family time!

On the way there, we played hide and go seek on the ferry. There's not very many hiding spots. The kids were totally baffled by Pam's hiding spot...

At the hytte, we read books, went for walks and played frisbee with Indy on the frozen river, had pillow fights, played guitar and sang music. Here's some pics and things we did:

We made bread dough and wrapped in on sticks, rolled in salt and then cooked it over the fire. Awesome! A friend said it's a classic Norwegian campfire thing to do... why have I never heard of this before!? So fun! We also wrapped bread dough around hot dogs and cooked those over the fire.

The river was frozed with about a half-meter of ice. This place looked quite different than it did in the fall!

Peter and Maggie read a lot, Anna learned how to do picture-logic puzzles.

Lots of pillow fights and fortress building. It didn't always end well!

On the way home, Stordalsjøen had beautiful layers... the water, ice on the water, mist over the water, reflections of hills and clouds and mist... magical!

The kids were happy to get back home to Minecraft, we were happy to have had a little break from reality, if just for a few days.

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