Sunday, March 31, 2013


Back from Rome in time for Easter. On Saturday we colored eggs. This is not a Norwegian thing to do. In Norway kids get one big cardboard egg stuffed with candy and that's it. We still go for the full-blown American Easter experience.

I love coloring eggs. It's fun to experiment with different techniques, like putting spots, partial dippings, lifting the egg very very slowly out of the dye to create a gradient effect, and so on. This year we experimented with tape... putting strips of tape on the eggs with various dipping and retaping schemes to create interesting effects.

Easter morning, the bunny hides these eggs, along with about 100 or more plastic eggs, each with one piece of candy in. The kids go nuts racing around looking for them... so fun! Then they spend a lot of time sorting their eggs and candies within, and laughing at some of the surprises. Every year one of the eggs contains pickle slices. It's surprisingly popular. Everyone wants to be the lucky person who gets the pickles!

Then we eat hard-boiled eggs. A lot of eggs.

It was a good Easter... a fine low-pressure holiday with just about the right amount of activity that I handle.

Pickles! Lucky Anna!

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