Friday, March 1, 2013

Warm weather. Too much water!

The weather has been strangely and beautifully warm. That should make me happy, but... ugh. Lots of melting and the garage flooded! I had to buy a pump and dig down through frozen gravel to make a hole deep enough to pump the water out. It was arduous work. Had to keep starting and stopping the pump over the course of several days days until the water level was down.

We have some kind of electrical heating thing in the garage that the nephew of the owner, whom we bought the house from, didn't know what it did. I now think it keeps the ground unfrozen outside of the garage so that the water drains in the winter. I left it on our first winter in the house and there was no garage flooding. This winter it's been turned off and... flooding.

Here's a picture of the hill down the road, trenches dug into it from flowing meltwater.

And with the temperature changes comes wind! Lots of blowing, clanging, furniture and bags blowing by, loud winds in the morning and late afternoon. Exciting! Also shown, Maggie in the wind helping me with the pump.

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