Sunday, August 25, 2013


I suppose after a blå-tur (mystery trip) a blå-bær-tur (blueberry trip) was an appropriate followup. Our friend Daniel invited us to join him on a trip to Ringvål, a forested area to the west of Trondheim. We've had mixed results with our berry-hunting trips in the past. Sometimes we find a lot, sometimes hardly anything. When we ask folks where to go to find berries, the answer is always the same: "oh, just go in the woods anywhere!" It was nice to be invited by a friend to an area he knew was full of berries... and we were not disappointed!
First we hunted for mushrooms. I like mushroom hunting, mostly because the areas in which you look for mushrooms are so magical, under the trees on soft spongy forest floor, light streaming in shafts, green moss and such variety of beautiful mushrooms. I always expect to see fairies sitting on one of these.

Unfortunately we don't know our mushrooms too well, and the wrong choice means a toxic meal, so we stuck with hunting for steinsopp and cantarella. Anna and Pam found some giant steinsopp and clusters of cantarella.

Next we headed deep into the forest and up a hill to an area that was cut a few years ago and now populated with countless raspberry bushes. Around the perimeter partly in shade were thousands of blueberry plants. We ate and picked until our fingers were stained purple and our faces red from the sun.

Last night we ate steinsopp with dinner – delicious! – and then Pam and Anna made raspberry and blueberry scones for breakfast this morning. Gifts from the forest.

Maggie and Peter find a magical spot to rest and read a book
Peter finds a forest friend
Pausing for lunch
Tongue flapping, Indy races down a trail

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