Saturday, August 24, 2013


 Our work went on a blåtur last night to kick off the start of the new academic year. A blåtur is a mystery tour. We met up at work and started with puzzles, then onto a bus for a circuitous route that kept us guessing. Our first stop was a colleague's house decked out like a western saloon. Beer and hotdogs and country music and line-dancing and bandanas and cowboy hats. A fun start!

Next stop, another colleagues house for a luau. Tropical drinks and pineapple and a visit from a surprise guest who put on a comedy sketch for us. We danced to Hawaiian music and reluctantly left for our final destination.

We were thrilled when the bus dropped us off downtown at the docks. We got on a boat and went out to Munkholmen, the island out in the fjord that was an medieval monastery amoungs other things. A monk greeted us on the dock and took us into a tunnel, where the abbot entered with a torch. He was made up to look like he was drunk and delivered a hilarious speech where he joked with most everyone. Then we held hands and sang a silly song as we were led into the monastery to our dinner table.

A robed and hooded monk waited for us on the island

The "drunk" abbot welcomes us to Munkholmen
We had a fantastic three-course meal with halibut and wine and akvavit, and then a long evening of dancing and celebrating under a full moon. The abbott returned later in the evening to play guitar and sing funny songs. We returned to sentrum long after midnight. What a night!

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