Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pstereo Maker Fair

A friend in America alerted me to Maker Fair happening today downtown. This weekend is the Pstereo music festival in Trondheim (the "P" is silent in "Pstereo"), which we have never been to but can hear from our house. Pam went to her school to make final preparations for the new school year that starts Monday, while I took the kids and several of their friends to see the events happening by the river next to the cathedral.

It was very pleasant surprise! They had free kids' concerts, hula hoops and games, climbing equipment, a giant xylophone, booths and food and our main target: Mini Maker Fair.

At the Maker Fair, kids (and grown-ups) could build and race cars and boats, make parachutes, and play with robots, 3d printers and virtual reality machines. It was really very cool and all of the kids enjoyed it very much, as did I. And it was all free.

Free kids' concerts
Cool Hollywood-style sign at Pstereo
Peter plays 3d Snake
Anna builds a car

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