Sunday, August 11, 2013

Røros overnight

Pam goes back to work on Monday to prepare for the new school year and she was eager for one last summer trip, so we threw together a short vacation: two days and one night in Røros, a historic copper mining town about 2 hours from Trondheim.

We brought a grill with us to find a place for a picnic en route, and pulled off near a river, only to discover that the spot we found was our long-lost fool's gold mining location! What a nice surprise! We walked through the woods to the river, a rocky spot under an old railway bridge. Because of rain, the river was raging today, making an exciting backdrop for our picnic. Maggie took Indy off to gather raspberries while Peter and Anna used rocks as hammers to bang out pyrite crystals from the shale. "It's like MineCraft in real life," Peter observed.

Finding this spot again was a nice bit of luck, and a good start to what would be a lucky weekend.

We proceeded to Røros where I had booked us two rooms at the Røros hotel. Dogs are allowed for an extra fee. We had a lovely walk through a charming old neighborhood downtown to find some food. We found a restaurant with very excellent pizza – maybe the best I've had in Norway – and all of us were very pleased.

Back at the hotel we had time for a swim in the indoor pool and then to bed.

In the morning we enjoyed the hotel's vast buffet with local food. Mmmm... Then Anna and Peter went swimming while the rest of us checked out some kind of antique car event happening behind the hotel. Here you can see the cars through the windows of the swimming hall:

We lucked out again. Antique car enthusiasts from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark travel around for several days each year, driving from one city to another, about 50 km each day. Last night they came to Rorøs and stayed at our hotel. This morning we walked around, looked at the cars, and talked to a lot of car folks who were excited to show off their cars and tell us this and that.

The cars started and left in an orderly fashion as they headed off to the next event. We waved them goodbye.

I think I'd like a Bugati someday, maybe like this one:

After checking out of the hotel, we went just outside of town to a farm, Galåvolden Gård, to get some homemade ice cream. They had a big egg-packing operation and the young girl packing the eggs was happy to show us around inside the chicken house. We bought eggs and ice cream which we ate while the kids petted calves. The ice cream was fantastic!

Driving back into town, we stopped at a big sandy hill that looked out-of-place and interesting. It was a nice hike up the hill, and visitors had made all kinds of fun figures from the stones, including a giant labyrinth.

Then we came back downtown. Pam went shopping while the kids and I went to play on the slag heaps. Røros has mountains of waste material from the copper smelting, and I promised the kids they could have as many chunks of slag as they wanted. Oh, what fun! The bits of stone and copper melted together make fantastic and weird forms and we spent a good hour and a half finding treasures on these hills.

We ate lunch downtown, and then made one final stop at an activity center called Doktortjønna. They have parks and playgrounds and a small lake with canoes and rafts and fishing. A day pass was fairly inexpensive and we had a great time boating and fishing and playing around. It was a lot more fun than we had guessed!

Here's a sign in English with their activity list:

Finally, back home to Trondheim. I should mention the drive itself to and from Røros is spectacularly beautiful. This mini-vacation was very good for the soul. We're ready for autumn now.

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