Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School year off to a good start

The kids are adapting to their new schools well.

Anna had a lonely first day and felt lost, but the second day she made some friends and is much relieved. Her school is being renovated, so the kids meet at the school and then take a bus to a school the community uses as a temporary school. She likes taking the bus. On Monday, she started in an after-school visual arts class (she loves extra-curricular classes) and the teacher promoted her to a class with older kids because she's rather advanced. She and Maggie are good artists.

Peter has been excited both first days. He like the kids in his class, he likes his courses, and he likes that it's pretty easy and hasn't had any homework yet. And that he's done at 2:30. It's like a dream for him!

Maggie declares that she has found "her people." Her fellow pupils are weird and cool and nerdy. She's made friends with all of them and it's going to be a great year for her socially.


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  2. What are you fishing for "Heather"? I searched for this email address and there are dozens of identical messages on people's blogs.

    Don't reply to vague internet requests!