Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Climbing class

Peter started climbing class tonight. He signed up for intermediate junior class, ages 13-16, making him one of the youngest in the class. He wasn't nervous about that, saying he'd rather be the worst in the class than the best because he would be challenged more. Good man!

Pam took him out yesterday to buy an equipment pack. He has a harness, belt, shoes, chalk bag, and an assortment of exciting tilbehør (accessories). He was totally jazzed.

The course is at the new Utehallen on the water near Dora. This place is impressive. The floor footprint is not so large, but the climbing possibilities are huge. The tallest part is 17 meters with climbing faces that slope inwards. It's fantastic.

After the course, Peter was thrilled that he was about middle-of-the-pack in terms of skill level, and that the time went by so very quickly. A good first day climbing!

A pic from their website:

Outside of Utehallen is the giant megaphone that was for a short while downtown. I wondered what happened to it, here it is, now pointing directly at Munkholmen. Cool!

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