Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween party

Norways are split on Halloween. Younger folks and kids love it! Many older folks are cynical, viewing it as a way for stores to make a lot of money on an imported, non-tradiational event. I try to remind folks that it simply is a lot of fun, has always been one of my favorite 'holidays', and absolutely does not need to cost much money.

Pumpkins, however, do cost a lot. Last year we paid about 200 kr. per pumpkin I think ($30), but this year a lot of stores are selling them cheaper. We found them for 39,. (about $7), a good price.

On Sunday we went to a big Halloween party some of friends have thrown every year for 17 years. It's a big to-do, with themed food, costume competition, bobbing for apples, pinata, crafts, etc. About 40 people come each year.

Here's most of our family on our way to the party (minus Peter, plus Fr√ły, our "other daughter"):

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