Sunday, October 20, 2013


Our friends were playing again at Cafe Rampa in Hommelvik last night, so we joined them for a fun evening of music and dance. This is the third time we've caught their show, and it's just gotten better each time.

Here's Pam and Lena and Sharon dancing while Robert plays and sings on stage:

One song that they played that I liked quite a bit was Vinsjan på Kaia, a song by Trønder group DDE (Trønderock is a rock music from our part of Norway). It's always an amazing feeling to be half-way around the world from my homeland, immersed in this society dancing with friends to local music that I would never ever ever hear otherwise. Here's a little slice (with lyrics so you can appreciate the difference between local dialect and bokmål):

There's not much deep meaning in the lyrics, it's the tradition of a lot of Norwegian folk music where they're describing something rather mundane. Maggie jokes that the songs are kind of like: "Then I saw a bird, and and old lady sat down on a chair." Still, great melody and feeling in this song.

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