Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chess fever

Chess fever has gripped Norway! An unprecendented number of Norwegians are tuning in to watch young chess star Magnus Carlsen compete in the World Chess Championship. Magnus, just 22 years old (23 next week), is currently the world's best chess player. His fame brought him a deal modeling clothing, which made for a funny moment when Maggie came home from school as asked me if I knew what was happening in Norway with chess. She went on to explain that a 22-year old clothing model has become the world's champion chess player. It sounds funny when you say it like that!

Here is a typical scene from Norwegian TV right now… the news program is running in the main window, and on the side they are keeping the population up to date with the latest moves in the championship. So when they're not featuring the chess match, they're still showing it. I've never seen anything like this national craze, not even with the Olympics.

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