Monday, November 18, 2013

Selling a car for scrap

Time to get rid of our old car. We bought it for 15.000 kroner two years ago, and it's been pretty good. Lately, it only starts about 2 out of 3 times, so that's not good. The solenoids need repair. And the speedometer doesn't work anymore. Oh, and it's waaaayyyy overdue for a timing belt, and it' the kind of car that if the timing belt goes, the whole engine is destroyed. There's also front end damage from an icy road incident last year involving a signpost. There's other stuff wrong too, but that's the important things.

To get this car in shape to sell it would cost 12.000 kroner. That's not even including fixing the body damage, and we could not recoup that money on a sale. I decided we just sell it as is for 3000 kroner, with full disclosure, and call that good. Maybe someone wants a cheap time-bomb.

Pam suggested we find out selling it for scrap. So I asked around and found out that scrap companies will pay 3000 kroner for any car, even if it doesn't work. So, no fuss no muss, no ads, no test drives. We drove it down to the scrap yard and got three 1000 kroner bills. I tried to get more for it because it runs nicely. The scrapyard owner tried to get me to buy a car and/or a GPS system. Neither one of us was successful.

The owner is a man named Ragnar who rides a Harley and calls himself a viking. He was quite a charming and eccentric character, wanting to show us his 800 pictures from his ride across America on Route 66 last summer. We let him show us 200 pictures of Graceland before politely telling him we must get back to the city. Pam laughed at me, claiming I have a knack for being a magnet for strange characters. Thinking of my friends… I guess that's kind of true!


  1. So finally do you get 3000 for it and is there any taxes on this money?

  2. Quite an interesting story you have about getting rid of your car. It’s nice to know your car lasted for a couple of years, but having so many issues it was surely time to get rid of it. Fortunately, Pam found the scrapyard solution. You got the same amount of money without having to actually sell it.

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    1. Welll, I followed your link which takes me to Cash for Cars Melbourne. The site claims they will tow the car the same day. However, they weren't very interested in towing the car from Trondheim, Norway to Melbourne, Austrailia, so I don't really see this as a better way to get money for my old car.

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