Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Peter's school participated in Gründerkamp, an entrepreneur competition. His class had the theme of energy conservation. In teams of 4 they developed ideas for products or services and then a fair where they presented models, presentations, brochures, etc. for parents. The winning team from each class in the school got to go to a regional competition.

Peter's team had the idea to take the drain pipe from the shower and wrap it around the intake pipe to the hot water heater to preheat the water. They calculated energy savings in units of how many slices of bread could be toasted with the energy saved. I thought it was a super idea! They did not have the best display or brochure, yet their team won anyways!

Last week they went to the regional competition and competed against 17 other teams. There were 4 different prize categories... and their team won first place in two of the categories, bringing back two cash prizes for their class. Congratulations!

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