Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunny weekend

A great weekend to work in the yard. We set up the trampoline (which later became a place for napping in the sun), and Peter helped me change the tires on the car. I showed him how to do the first one and he did all the other three himself. They become useful after a while don't they?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Nidaros Blues Fest

Blues fest at the Rica Nidelven hotel. Four stages and blues bands from all over Norway and the world. It was really fun to pop around stage to stage, coming and going as we like.

Our favorite: Jolly Jumper, Big Moe and the Jimbo Jambo band.

We rocked out and danced until midnight. The party went on until two, but alas we are old. Good times.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sunset at Ladehammeren

I arrived a few minutes early for picking up Peter from climbing. The sun was setting on the fjord and it was so beautiful. Lovely to stand and watch the colors. This is 9:30 pm, the days are rapidly becoming longer and longer.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bad Wolf

Been working on painting the garage. We sent Maggie down to do some work on it. This is what she accomplished:

I posted this picture on FB and it was interesting to see who posted comments. The Doctor Who fans were delighted, other folks were a little puzzled!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Worst dialect in Norway? Trøndersk!

A recent study shows that Norwegian is getting more and more difficult to understand, with people speaking faster and less clearly.

Another interesting bit from this article: Østlendinger from the east of Norway have 17 consonant sounds, in Bergen they have 23, and Trøndersk, the local dialect here in Trondheim, tops the list at 27 consonant sounds.

For comparison, there are 24 consonant sounds in English. Which ones does Trøndersk have that English doesn't? I'm not sure. One of the is the 'ki' sound in 'kiosk' for example. It's a 'sh' + 'th' + 'k', kind of scraping sound off the top of the mouth and teeth. I think they have this sound in Arabic as well.

Do any of my Trøndersk friends want to weigh in on the issue?


Easter! Pam did it up great this year. Awesome prizes in the eggs for the egg hunt, beautiful table setting, wonderful food. We celebrate American-style with an egg hunt and many prizes, while Norwegian kids just get one big egg with candy inside.

We all got bunny ears this year also. Well done Pam!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week's end at Fosen

We ferried across to fjord to join friends at their family hytte on Fosen. Four families in all for a total of 7 adults and 9 children. Games, music, drink, food, hikes, dogs, and a bubble-gum blowing competition. It was a lovely and relaxing 3 days/2 nights.

On the way back we stopped to see some runes (Helleristninger) near the ferry terminal. They are 4000-6000 years old, and show animals, moose and deer and the like, with very nice proportions.

I like Fosen, it's always nice to get away from the big city for a few days in the beautiful Norwegian countryside.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treasure chest surprise

Anna found a treasure chest in the woods behind our house. A plastic chest with a lock on it and stuff inside. We used a paperclip to pick the lock (eat your heart out, James Bond) and had fun looking at the treasures inside: some jewelry and a picture of a kid.

We wrote a note with a picture of a mean troll and the words "I am the troll of the forest. Don't touch my treasure!" (but in Norwegian) and put the note back inside the box with the treasures. We locked the box and then Anna put it back where she found it.

Hopefully there will be one freaked-out little kid in Trondheim tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Copenhagen 4: some pics

We went shopping, went to a castle, to the zoo, to an art exhibit, and we explored a lot. It was fun but tiring. Here's some pics from the trip

Here's a big wall with wooden hinged doors that you can open to write messages or make pictures. We made a Morse code message for Mike's partner.

This building had lights that changed to all kinds of different things. I think it would be really fun to write the program for these lights!

In the zoo, a nice piece of artwork showing the midnight sun:

Feeding time for some cat creatures. They hang up dead rabbits, still dripping blood. The cats must spring up several body lengths to tear at the meat. Gruesome. And kind of cool.

This bike sits six pedalers around a table. The driver steers while the passengers provide power and drink beer.

Mike and Pam and Peter's alter-ego "Bag-Man" standing behind them. Plus a tiger.

Sneaky Pete.

This ivory carving in a castle we visited. On the left is a man with no skin. In the middle is a man holding his skin. Gotta love religious imagery sometimes!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Statues around Copenhagen

All kinds of weird statues in Copenhagen. Here's a sampling. With Naylors.

Awesome window guardian!
Flying lizard-bird thing!
King of the flying wheels!
Dragon egg
Another dragon
Some guy fighting a giant snake
Ugliest mermaid I've ever seen
Famous statue: The Little Mermaid
The Little Little Mermaid.
At the airport.
In case you missed the Bigger Little Mermaid.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Copenhagen 2

First morning in Copenhagen we went to Tivoli, a big and fine amusement park fairly close to our hostel.

It was only the second day Tivoli was open and it was a bit cool, so there were almost no people there. We were first in line! Here's the guard opening the gate:

We bought all-day ride passes and just ran around from the exit to the start of the rides. Dizzy! Fun! And finally we were exhausted.