Friday, April 11, 2014

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Our friend Mike was coming to Copenhagen for a conference, so we decided to pack up the family and meet him there for a mini-vacation.

We arrived late on Friday and took a taxi to our hostel (a good plan -- the taxi cost 200 kr., whereas the train would have cost 75 kr each = 375). Yes, we stayed in a hostel, and that was an adventure! Everything else was so expensive, and this would be interesting.

The hostel was mostly great. Good services, good atmosphere. Filled with mostly 20-25 year old travelers, the entrance area was a restaurant/bar/hang out area that was always packed. Up a narrow staircase, we were lucky our room was on the second floor and not the the seventh. Our whole family was in a small 4m x 4m room with toilets and showers down the hall.

Here's some pics from the hostel...

Mike was ready with food when we arrived -- thank you Mike!

I'm an early riser. Here's me and Mike hanging out with coffee.

The kids lounging in the big pillow area. I like the Space Invaders window art!

Fun signs outside the hostel.

Maggie reading in the common room by the "Europe's Famous Hostels - sleep with someone famous" sign.

Every night the hostel had free dinner if you showed up early enough and got a place at a table. We were usually out and about, but on the last day we got the free dinner. It was a meat and potato and tomato stew. Simple but good. It made me feel happy that young travelers would get some real food!

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