Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Copenhagen 4: some pics

We went shopping, went to a castle, to the zoo, to an art exhibit, and we explored a lot. It was fun but tiring. Here's some pics from the trip

Here's a big wall with wooden hinged doors that you can open to write messages or make pictures. We made a Morse code message for Mike's partner.

This building had lights that changed to all kinds of different things. I think it would be really fun to write the program for these lights!

In the zoo, a nice piece of artwork showing the midnight sun:

Feeding time for some cat creatures. They hang up dead rabbits, still dripping blood. The cats must spring up several body lengths to tear at the meat. Gruesome. And kind of cool.

This bike sits six pedalers around a table. The driver steers while the passengers provide power and drink beer.

Mike and Pam and Peter's alter-ego "Bag-Man" standing behind them. Plus a tiger.

Sneaky Pete.

This ivory carving in a castle we visited. On the left is a man with no skin. In the middle is a man holding his skin. Gotta love religious imagery sometimes!

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