Sunday, April 20, 2014

Worst dialect in Norway? Trøndersk!

A recent study shows that Norwegian is getting more and more difficult to understand, with people speaking faster and less clearly.

Another interesting bit from this article: Østlendinger from the east of Norway have 17 consonant sounds, in Bergen they have 23, and Trøndersk, the local dialect here in Trondheim, tops the list at 27 consonant sounds.

For comparison, there are 24 consonant sounds in English. Which ones does Trøndersk have that English doesn't? I'm not sure. One of the is the 'ki' sound in 'kiosk' for example. It's a 'sh' + 'th' + 'k', kind of scraping sound off the top of the mouth and teeth. I think they have this sound in Arabic as well.

Do any of my Trøndersk friends want to weigh in on the issue?

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