Friday, June 27, 2014


I was in Kristiansand as part of a two-day preschool math conference. We stayed at a hotel right on the waterfront - and how lovely it was! I think I need to come back here with the whole family for a couple of days vacation.

The waterfront is well-designed with sandy beaches, volleyball, green space, a boardwalk, artwork and public exercise equipment. There is a marina with boats and a choice of several restaurants on the water. Around the corner is a fortress.

Here's some baby swans I saw by the marina.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Studio move

The owner of the building Pam's art studio is in is selling the building and Pam has to move out. We have another studio space lined up for the fall, but for now we have to store her things in the garage. Our garage was still full of stuff from several moves into progressively smaller houses. I viewed it as a good opportunity to clean up the garage. First we pulled out everything from half the garage. Then we built 8 new sets of shelves and organized our mess. The garage in now navigable!

The whole family pitched in with packing and disassembling furniture and shelves.


Today we took the final load today. Studio is empty! We'll move into a fantastic place in September!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Birrallee 40th year anniversary celebration

Pam's school celebrated their 40th anniversary.  I worked with her class to make a giant fractal tetrahedron as part of the math display for the event.

Kids each made 4 small tetrahedra from paper straws, string, and colored triangles. They assembled their 4 tetrahedra into a larger tetrahedra...

And then groups of 4 of these became even large tetrahedra...

And finally 4 of these became a huge tetrahedron! It has 4x4x4 little tetrahedra in it.

Peter had his last day of school this morning and so came to Pam's school to run the cotton candy machine.

Pam had a million details to take care of, inlcluding the cake table. The cakes were amazing.

I came near the end to give a juggling show, torches and balls. I did my complete ball routine without dropping once, which is extremely rare and a little disappointing.

It threatened to rain all day but it did not. Everything went great!

Kids are now done with school and ready for summer!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Party on the roof

I was invited to the Education Directorate's summer party. I was one of four speakers for the "academic" portion, and then we had a party on the rooftop in downtown Oslo. Tapas, wine, jazz and very good company... a great party! The next day I gave another talk to university leaders. I've been traveling a lot this month - and there's a lot more trips to come.

Here's me at the party with two of Norway's math and science celebrities, a well-know science author and performer and the host of a mathematics TV show.