Monday, August 25, 2014


I took the Hurtigbåt (speedy boat) across the fjord today. This boat leave from Trondheim city center every hour (mostly), and is a fast way to connect to the other side of the fjord. We are in negotiations to purchase some property across the fjord, so this could be an important connection for us.

The boat was surprisingly full. A lot of people it seems live across the fjord and work in Trondheim. Parking is free on the other side of the fjord and you can bring you bicycle on board the boat for no charge. I may be doing this a lot in the coming months!

The trip costs about 90 kroner ($15), or a month-long pass is 1729,- ($272)

Hurtigbåt terminal

Here comes the boat!

On the other side, on my way to a business meeting

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