Monday, September 1, 2014


We held an "inspiration day" for several hundred kindergarten teachers in Drammen. This was a new city for me to visit! Drammen is about a half hour southwest of Oslo. Drammen is known as the "River City". I arrived at night, and it was just gorgeous. They've made great use of the aesthetics of the river and have a lot of public art in their many squares.

Here's some scenes from around town.

One of many water sculptures.

I was glad I arrived at night. The lighting on the sculptures is wonderful!

This bridge makes a Y, which I inadequately captured on film.

This mirrored sphere makes eerie chanting noises based upon the movement of the bridge.

We stayed at a Rock 'n' Roll hotel by the river. There are lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven" over the reception desk.

At the Cappedocia restaurant we enjoyed terrific Turkish food. I ordered a glass of Ayran, having no idea what it would be. I was shocked to find it to be a salty yogurt drink. The first half was disgusting... but by the second half I found it delicious. Am I really so adaptable, or is everyone's taste just a matter of becoming accustomed?

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