Saturday, September 6, 2014

Infinity 2014

Every year for the past 14 years I've met the same group of friends for a personal conference. We give academic talks for each on mathematics, neurology, cancer research, information technology, and whatever. Our talks are quirky but scientific.

This year the group came to Norway, the second time they've come here. We had the conference at a viking camp across the fjord. I had bought viking throwing axes and honey mead ahead of time to ensure an authentic experience.

The viking are in the van and ready to depart for parts unknown

Axe throwing!

Steve managed to score a direct hit – on his own camera!

A bottle of vodka infused with a... hagfish?

Grillin' like a villain
I was the jarl. Roar!
A hike up the Ås. Here's Amborneset from above.

The ruins of a troll fortress, part of the local folklore.

At the top is an area for relaxing. We grilled.
Hotdog man!

Finally, here's Steve's axe-throwing video, complete with footage of the axe hitting the camera. Oh, so awesome!

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