Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pig presentation

Anna wants a minipig (minigris) and we are a little sceptical. When we buy our "farm" across the fjord it would be ok, but she wants the pig with her in the house when she is not at the farm.

Tonight when I came home Anna sat Pam and I down for a presentation on why we should get a minipig and keep it in the house.

Anna begins the presentation

First, a plan for how she would arrange her room to accommodate a minipig.

A list of "responabilities" she is committed to.
Signed forms from her siblings pledging their support and assistance

A made-up graph comparing strength of owner-pig bond to pigs raised at home vs. pigs raised on a farm. The scale on the left from bottom to top is: ENE (enemy), DIS (dislike), STR (strangers), AQ (acquaintances), FRE (friends), GOF (good friends) and BFF (best friends forever). We can clearly see that the "at home" pig reaches the BFF level in 6 weeks, while the "at farm" pig has only risen to the FRE level during the same time period.
The presentation closed with several pages of cute pig pictures, including pigs playing with a dog.

 I think Anna has a future in marketing!

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  1. Quite Impressive! But, who's Anna's 3rd sibling signatory? Indy? :-)