Saturday, September 20, 2014


I was in Tromsø for three days for a conference. I can finally say "Tromsø" correctly. We came here as a family last year for the reindeer races. I like Tromsø quite a bit.

Here's some pics from the visit:

Through the airport window upon my arrival

Tromsø is at 69°N, loooong into the Arctic circle. We ate 69°N Brasserie – and had excellent food, every course.

This was on the hotel lunch buffet. Love it!

The Hurtigrute stops outside the hotel. This boat is the Trollfjord – the same boat I shall ride next week for another conference.

I was pleased to see this Islamic tiling pattern outside of another hotel in Tromsø. The pattern is made from irregular pentagons assembled into hexagons. The hexagons stretch in two different directions.

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