Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hurtigrute cruise ship

Onward to Narvik

Back on the boat at Hammerfest, we continued our conference and our trip toward Harstad, where we would disembark and head to the airport while the cruise ship continued its route southward along the coast.

I enjoyed this trip very much, and would like to take the complete trip someday, without a conference so I could concentrate on doing absolutely nothing but watching the world go by.
Some great scenery off the back of the boat.

It was too cloudy to see Northern lights on the trip, but the sea and mountains were stunning.

The cabins are small but functional
Several lounges and comfy areas on the boat
With great views out all windows
Dance floor
The forward cabin as we glide into our final stop
An anarchist hall outside the boat terminal in Harstad
And finally, from the airplane on the way home

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