Friday, October 17, 2014

Nordkapp - the top of the world

On the second morning, we got up at 5 am and were off the boat very early. We would take a bus ride several hours up to the northernmost point in Norway, a point called Nordkapp, and have breakfast. We would then drive further, across the peninsula, and meet up with the boat on the other side.

On top of the world

Globe statue. We didn't think to climb on top of it. I wish I'd thought of that.
A world peace talisman artwork thing.
Gerd is pinching the point that is the actual northernmost point of Norway. We were only very close.
A troll looks to the north.
Many exhibits in the building - this cave of lights, many dioramas and stuffed birds, a fantastic chapel, and more.
We stopped to see a Sami herder with one of his reindeer. It was a very touristy set-up. Talk to a real Sami person, buy stuffed reindeer in the shop.

On the drive, we saw reindeer.
And more reindeer
And more
and more
and some gnarly trees
We stopped to look at this troll. Story is he was too late getting back to his cave when the sun came up and turned to stone.
Oh! More reindeer!
And even more!
Coming to Hammerfest
Giant polar bear in Hammerfest
And back to the boat!

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