Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I was in Ålesund for two days, and excited to visit a new town, especially this one! Ålesund in on the west coast of Norway, here:

It's in a cluster of islands, many connected by tunnels. Ålesund has a population 49,000, making it the 10th most populous city in Norway. In 1904, one of the worst fires in Norwegian history destroyed nearly the entire city. Everyone had to evacuate with only minutes notice. Miraculously, only one person died. The city was rebuilt between 1904-1907 in an Art Nouveau style, and most of the downtown is still consistently in this style. The downtown is just wonderful to wander around in!

There is a very tall hill next to downtown called Aksla. There is set of stairs up to the top to a restaurant. The stairs were being rebuilt when we visited, so we needed to walk up a trail on the side of the hill that took much longer but was a very very nice walk. 

Our round-trip hike took about 90 minutes. I was aware how my legs have developed since I moved to Norway. They are now really good at walking for long distances uphill. I guess I've got Norwegian legs now!

The view from the top is extraordinary. The town fills a narrow peninsula, and steep islands fill the sea in every direction. We watched a cruise ship pull out of the harbor and head off to points unknown.

It was too short of a visit to Ålesund. I'd like to come back and have a few days with no work, just time to explore this very cool city.

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