Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kortmans Lysfabrikken

I had a teacher course in Namsos, aka "Rock City". On the way back driving through Levanger we stopped for dinner at a place that in the dark looked like a restaurant. It turned out to be a candle factory I had driven by several times before and always wondered about. We could see a diner through the windows, so we went in to check it out.

What a nice surprise! They were decked out for Christmas. The shop had several rooms of candles and a candle factory area where you could see candle-making in progress.

The diner is a 50s-themed diner, with Elvis playing on the juke-box and American 50s memorabilia everywhere. Upstairs is a kind of "museum", the owner's collection of interesting antiques. I understand the owner also collects firetrucks and has 4 historical trucks, which are outside in the summer but in storage during the winder. They are establishing a fire-fighting museum as well. It's nice to know we're all weird in our own ways!

Ready for jul

The candle factory

50s diner

50s diner

Lysfabrikken from E6

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